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For The Gotham Group we developed a minimal business website in order to give the production company a digital presence. We also created Gotham Spotlight a page dedicated to books the company was selling. This page was shared with other companies to facilitate book deals and promote managed authors of the company. For the holidays we created a holiday landing page the company could share with industry colleagues to share donations and holiday wishes.

Even though typically Hollywood film/production companies don’t spend much time on their digital presence, At AB Digital we have found it is a great way to connect with consumers and build direct to consumer marketing for new projects. Which can be a much cheaper and reliable marketing alternative then traditional big budget commercial marketing.


The Gotham Group is a Hollywood-based management and production firm. Founded in 1994 by CEO Ellen Goldsmith-Vein, the company – the only major management/production company owned solely by a woman – represents some of the most creative minds in Hollywood including top directors, writers, producers, authors, animators, illustrators, publishers and actors, while actively producing such major film, projects as The Maze Runner franchise, Kodachrome and The Spiderwick Chronicles.