For Glickmania Media Group we developed a minimal business website in order to give the new production company a digital presence. We also worked on seo to help ensure all relevant company related keywords pushed traffic to company website and social links.

Even though typically Hollywood film/production companies don’t spend much time on their digital presence, At AB Digital we have found it is a great way to connect with consumers and build direct to consumer marketing for new projects. Which can be a much cheaper and reliable marketing alternative then traditional big budget commercial marketing.


Glickmania Media Group, an independent production company created in February 2020 by Jon Glickman. Glickman, a seasoned veteran of over 25 years in the entertainment business produced such hits as While You Were Sleeping, Four Christmases, 27 Dresses, The Count of Monte Cristo, The Vow, Grosse Pointe Blank and the global phenomenon Rush Hour

Glickmania has a first look film pact with MGM, where Glickman will continue in his role as producer on Respect, the Aretha Franklin biopic starring Jennifer Hudson. Other key productions on the slate include The Addams Family 2, a sequel to the hit animated film; Scandalous!, based on the clandestine affair between Kim Novak and Sammy Davis, Jr; Forever, an adaptation of the classic Mildred Cram (Love Affair) romance; Valet, an actioner; The Dark Half, a Stephen King adaptation and Creed 3, the sequel to the blockbuster franchise starring Michael B Jordan.

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